Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pumpkins - Oil Pastel - 2007
              This was the first project i completed during my career at booker t. washington. This piece was drawn was on site at Farmers Market.

The Ravens on Akkard - Mixed Media - 2009 - Young American Talent
            When i created the composition of this piece i was concentrated on having a good sense of perspective and space. I decided to perceive this piece through an ants perspective to dramatize the size of the buildings. I gave clarity to The Ravens on Akkard through my use of a complementary color scheme. There were great flocks of pigeons swarming overhead the night i sketched this out. This gave me the idea to include birds. Using birds i could create a link between the foreground, middle-ground and background.  I chose ravens because of there symbolism. The birds also gave me the idea to include text in the back ground. I chose to include the poem the Raven by Edgar Alan Poe. This last detail strengthen the conceptional aspect of my piece.

Denizens of Dallas - Mixed Media - 2010
Denizens of dallas is comprised of 13 animals. Each animal has a symbolic meaning and posses one or more smaller symbols on their person. The left side of the composition contains animals that have a negative symbolism. The right side of the piece contains animals the have positive symbolism.
This pig - gluttony- is the top left animal. The pig is being pushed by the shark - terror. The leopard- cruelty- is the bottom right animal. Behind the leopard is the fly - evil- whose hand is on the shoulder of the leopard. Behind the fly is the goat - devil- who is trying to blow smoke into the turtle's face. The crow - death - is the least visible in the center. His shirt has the yang symbol which is another symbol he is known for. To the right of the crow is the swan - fertility. She posses the yang symbol which is the counter part of the crow. Next to the swan is the elephant - power. His earring is the power symbol. The elephant is accompanied the cow - mother. Beneath the cow is the carp - perseverance.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Glow - Mixed Media - 2009 - Young American Master
          I sat in the cold december night and recorded the visual magic of my home city.

Pigasus - Metal - 2007-2010
        When pigs fly is a termed used to describe the impossible. Pigasus signifies overcoming such things thought to be impossible.
The Pickle - Mixed Media - 2010